Summer With Celebration
Beginning June 6th
10:00a & 11:30a

The Chosen is an amazing, biblically-centered, quality video series that tracks the life of Jesus through the gospels. We will be using this free video resource along with the biblical text to dig into Jesus’ life and learn more about what he did while he was here on earth.

Who Was Jesus?

We read about Jesus in the Bible, who he was, what he did, and who he continues to be today. We study his teachings and believe that he was God who came and lived on earth and died to save us. But as we read the stories of Jesus’ life, can we easily forget that they really happened? Is our perception of Jesus one-dimensional and thus missing the fullness of who he is?

At Celebration, this summer is going to be all about Jesus.

Who he was, who he is, and specifically what he did here while he was here on earth. Through weekly devotions for your family, and sermon discussion small groups we want to deepen our faith and knowledge of who our Savior is!

Small Groups

Summer Small Groups are launching and many of them will embark on an eight-week faith adventure together of watching The Chosen and discussing the sermons from each Sunday. More information on specific small groups coming soon! 
You can download The Chosen app for your device and watch it there.

Download for Apple

Download for Android


We believe this will be a significant moment for our church and community, and we want to encourage you to begin inviting friends, coworkers and others into our groups during this time! And pray with us!