Check Out All Our Teams

Hospitality Team

Café Team

This team creates a welcoming environment for our guests by providing complementary coffee throughout the building; this team also supports other teams by preparing breakfast in Dream Team Central.

Greeter Team

This team is the frontline of communication a person has when entering our facility. This is a great responsibility and honor since most people have already determined the likelihood of their returning in the first sixty seconds of entering.

Facilities Team

This team serves by preparing the facility for all who’ll arrive at service; this includes opening and closing the building.

Worship Team

This dynamic team prepares the way for our guests to encounter the presence of God through vocals, and instruments.

Capture Team

This team “captures” moments in our services and events through creative photography and videography that will be used for promotion and on social media.
Our CC café operates on Sundays before and after service, serving specialty coffees.

Welcome Team

This team’s purpose is to welcome first-time guests at our welcome areas and help connect them to others in the church.

Usher Team

These men and women prepare people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering, and maintaining a distraction-free environment.

Production Team

This team has various roles during the main service, consisting of the following:  Sound: operating the sound board for clarity of music and speaking; Camera: operating the camera during service to record messages that are uploaded on our website; Computer: controlling the media slides/videos/sermon notes that show during service; Videography: obtains video footage at various events for use in special projects at a later date.

Preschool Team

Nursery Team

This team serves to care for, minister to, and love our smallest attendees at Celebration. We have age-specific nurseries on Sunday mornings, and we have a mid-week nursery serve opportunity as well.

Celebration Kids Team

The Celebration Kids’ Team helps to facilitate our fun, high-energy services for children in K-3rd grade. There are both Sunday morning and midweek teams in this area.

Admin Team

This team blesses the whole church from behind the scenes by preparing worship guides, entering in Connect Cards, typing prayer requests, and various other administrative tasks. 
This team serves our 2 to 5-year-olds with engaging Bible stories and fun activities. There are both Sunday and midweek teams in this area of ministry.

Kids Check-In Team

This team serves the parents and children of Celebration by greeting them and checking each child into our attendance system before services begin. The team members help each family feel connected and help keep the children and classrooms safe and secure.

The Mix Team

The Mix Team helps to facilitate our dynamic and engaging service and small groups for children in 4th-6th grade.