Hebrews 10:24-25
Small Groups aren't just part of our community—they are the community. It's where you can grow, connect, and build strong, Christ-centered friendships. Groups of three or more people meet regularly, whether it's Men's, Women's, Couples, Singles, or Workplace groups—there's one perfect for you!

This page will help you find your next step and set you on track. Check it out!

Discover Your Role in Small Groups

As we commit to building a Godly community together, it's important to recognize and embrace the unique roles each of us has. A healthy Small Group is always growing. Whether you're a member, host, or leader, there's a path for your growth.
As a Member, you actively participate in your small group, building relationships and growing in faith. Your involvement, sharing, and support are key to the group's success.
By opening your home as a gathering place, you as a Host provide a warm and inviting space where members can feel at ease. You take care of preparing the meeting area, and arranging seating. Your hospitality helps set the tone for meaningful and engaging interactions within the group.

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As a Co-Leader, you support the Leader by helping facilitate discussions, offering support, and stepping in when needed. This role prepares you to lead a group in the future.

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As a Leader, you guide and nurture your small group by facilitating discussions, providing spiritual and practical guidance, and creating a welcoming environment. Your leadership shapes the group's direction and impact.

You don't need to be a teacher or expert; you only need a heart to gather people and lead meaningful discussions.

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As a Coach, you provide mentorship and support to multiple small group Leaders. Your role involves offering guidance, sharing best practices, and helping Leaders navigate challenges. You help ensure that Leaders are well-equipped and confident in their roles, contributing to the overall health and growth of the small groups ministry.
As you read through these roles, you may immediately identify the one that resonates with you in this season of your life. 

You might be in a period of seeking clarity from God about your role within our community. Wherever you are in this journey, we are here to support and guide you.
Find a day & time that works for you!

Leading a Group

01 Make a Plan

The best time to start leading is now. We may never feel completely ready, but God equips and empowers us to step into leadership and bring people together!

Choose Your Focus: Browse our four suggested curriculums and a variety of other options to find the best fit for your group's goals.

02 Build Your Group

Identify a co-leader and invite friends you'd enjoy having in your group.

  • Set Your Time & Location
    • Choose a Location
    • Pick Your Time/Day

03 Pray

Once you've planned and registered your group, pray for the semester ahead!

Pray for your group members daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Small Group Co-leader/Leader?
Start by participating actively in your group and showing commitment.

Register for Discover Celebration, and an upcoming Leader Training, and let your leader or coach know you're interested!
Where can I host my group?
You can host your group in a home, coffee shop, community center, or park. Celebration Church facilities are also available for group meetings Monday-Thursday, from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Select a location that is comfortable and conducive to discussion.

If you need help finding a host, please indicate this on your Group Registration form.
How often do Small Groups meet?
There are 3 semesters during a calendar year:

Winter/Spring: 13 weeks
Summer: 6 weeks
Fall: 13 weeks

New groups start at the beginning of each semester.

While most groups meet weekly, some may choose to meet bi-weekly or monthly. The key is maintaining a consistent schedule to build relationships and support each other's spiritual growth.

As a Small Group Host, you'll create a welcoming space for your group to meet and coordinate with the group leader on logistics to ensure every meeting is comfortable and enjoyable.

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